Givenchy Fashion Bags and the Fakes

givenchy_bagThe French are really creative in the sense of their being natural-born fashionistas. They seemed to have the ability to capture the universal taste of the people in fashion. Givenchy is another fashion company which was founded by an Italian designer of the same name. The designer was taught and learned arts in Ecole des Beaux Arts. Eventually, on 1952, he put up a fashion house where his ultimate model and well loved model was Audrey Hepburn. Givenchy would make the whole wardrobe for the actress when she had to shoot during movies. He also formulated a perfume for her. She became the symbol of Givenchy. The luxury products were also used by famous women such as Grace Kelly, Duchess of Windsor, and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Now, it is already owned by Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy.

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What is proudly identified as the “it” bag of the entire luxury bags is the Nightingale bag. The bag is offered in colors such as black, gold, and green. Hollywood stars such as Ashley Olsen and Heidi Klum are proud owners of this type of bag. Tods replica , Michael Kors replica , Mulberry replica , Perfect Replica Bags , replica Fendi handbags.

If you also want to be “it,” you can have your own Nightingale bag by buying one from Neiman Marcus. However, if you want the cheaper version, you can buy the Givenchy fakes. You can even conveniently buy them from the Internet. There are also other fakes such as purses and handbags. You can even avail of the imitations of Givenchy Sacca Chain Handbag or the Maxi Nightingale Tote.

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