Chanel bags

Imitation of Chanel bags or Chanel replicas. The Chanel house of fashion was established by Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, also known as Coco Chanel, in the year 1910. But during this time, she was just selling hats. Over time, Chanel gained success and becomes one of the world’s leading luxury manufacturers. As for the present time, Karl Lagerfeld is the present designer of the company. He has revived Chanel and put flavor to its new line which meets the demand of younger and playful crowd. The famous look of the Chanel handbags are the quilted leather, heavy chain, textured fabric, and the CC monogram. One of the most famous designer handbags from Chanel is the 2.55 bag. This is named after its launch date which was February 1955. This handbag becomes an icon for the Chanel House of Fashion like the Hermes Birkin did for the Hermes Company. Lagerfeld experimented on this bag through the use of terry cloth and tweed but he still maintained the signature design of Chanel which is the quilted fabric, lock, and chain. As expected, this bag could cost a fortune for most women. Bags On Sale here… But there is nothing to worry about with[…]

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