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Bally purseBally is a fashion luxury company which has already survived for a century and a half. This is not a typical French or Italian fashion company. It is Swiss-owned. It started out when the Bally brothers, Carl Franz and Fritz, turned their family’s elastic ribbon factory into one that was for fashion. The fashion side of the business was started when Carl went on a business trip to Paris and brought home an elaborate pair of slippers for his wife. This sparked an idea and the brothers went on to build the business. When Fritz left, the label of the company was changed into C.F. Bally. In 1860, the shoe factory already had more than 500 workers and expanded all over the world. The company was just then focused on producing quality shoes for almost all purposes.

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Eventually, handbags and other accessories were added to the product line. The bags are known for being elegant, luxurious, and expensive. There were different designs for handbags under different names. Bally Jana was reportedly as one of the bags used by Angeline Jolie. There is also the Bally Beeleen handbag which has an appeal of hunter bags. If you want an edgy look, you can pick this type of bag. Bally shoes, the companies first products, are equally fashionable and of quality as the bags and accessories. Buy the original Bally bag instead of the Bally replica bag, because Bally replicas do not have the same materials, designs or quality. Bally replica products are available at affordable prices. This can be your resort when it seems you cannot still afford to buy Bally products even if they go on sale already. You can buy these replica items at online shops.


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