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Marc Jacobs HandbagMarc Jacobs was an American designer who was born in New York to a family not of designers but of theatrical agents. It was evident that he would eventually become a designer later in his life for even when he was still in school, he already received recognition for his designs, such as his knitted sweaters’ line which garnered a Perry Ellis Gold Thimble Award.

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He launched his designs under the label “Marc Jacobs” in 1986. In 1987, he once again received the prestigious Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent. He was the youngest designer who was awarded with this prize. In 1988, he eventually joined Perry Ellis where he experimented with his love for colors. In 1992, he left Perry Ellis and went back to his own label where he showed what his experiences taught him. Marc Jacobs products were then known to use tasteful materials such as mohair, angora, and cashmere. In 1997, Jacobs became the artistic director of Louis Vuitton which made him the head of the section which would make fashion and accessories, like bags, available to the fashionistas around the world.

White Marc Jacobs Replica Handbag


Marc Jacobs handbags promote comfortable and innovative designs to make the bags ready for daily use. These handbags are characterized by spacious internals, magnetic closures, big pockets, and beautiful and natural looking colors.  Some of these bags are also made out of corduroy, leather and other fabrics.
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There are available Marc Jacobs replicas available online. Though these are only replicas, they are also made out of leather and other quality materials but they are still for sale at affordable prices.

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